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IRM Authority specializes in being your one stop shop for IRM, GRC and compliance implementations leveraging the ServiceNow platform

What We Do

IRM Authority is your trusted partner when you require ServiceNow GRC/ IRM Implementations. Our expertise centers around customer needs and working with you to isolate the policies and controls that apply specifically to your organization. Rather than a numbers game, we understand that compliance is an applicability game. That’s why we prioritize right-sizing controls to reduce short-term and long-term overhead for compliance – why attest to controls that don’t apply to your company’s size, maturity, or industry? With our team of fully GRC certified ServiceNow consultants, we have extensive expertise in implementing ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management solutions while leveraging decades of expertise across industries. We can seamlessly integrate your organization’s specific controls and policies into the platform to help you achieve compliance efficiently and effectively.

Workflow Alignment

IRM Authority correlates your existing operational controls to regulatory &/or framework controls. These proper alignments result in successful evidence gathering

Documentation Establishment

IRM Authority guides the publication of Policies, Processes, Procedures, Standards, Work Instructions, or any other documentation which requires attestation by the reader

Guided Implementations

IRM Authority specializes in guiding our clients through IRM Implementations that are appropriate for their particular industry, maturity, complexity, and growth targets


IRM Authority supports all audit readiness or remediation efforts such as evidence completion reviews, auditor access requirements, issue follow-up, and escalations 

Compliance Managers

IRM Authority offers professional services for compliance-related areas in your company that are either not sufficiently staffed or require lengthier training after implementation

Risk Governance

IRM Authority partners with you to foster a risk-aware environment whether it be as a new concept or as a change agent for those companies wanting to increase or reinforce their risk posture

Our Articles

We’ve created these articles to help you with your ServiceNow IRM/GRC implementation. Feel free to recommend topics!

Our Team

Our team is comprised of many professionals representing various industries including financial, pharma/biotech, healthcare, hospitality, government, technology, consumer privacy, and retail. This allows us the capacity to speak to your IRM & GRC needs in your industry’s language and connotations.

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